Juice Fasting and Iyengar Yoga Retreat

Jiva Healing Retreat

August 14th - 18th, 2019. Rest, refresh & rejuvenate with juice fasting & restorative yoga.

Juice Fasting and Iyengar Yoga Retreat Jiva Healing is excited to offer a Canadian Juice Fasting Retreat this summer at the Clare Hall residence of Brescia University College in London, ON. Clare Hall Residence overlooks Western University campus with direct access to a network of nature trails. With the students on summer break, this beautiful campus will be a quiet place for rest and relaxation during your retreat.

You will be supported in the fasting process by a professional nutritional adviser. One to-one nutritional consultations are available for anyone wanting to go into more depth regarding their personal health story.  Organic cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice provided by a local company Pulp & Press Juice Co.    A certified Iyengar yoga teacher will guide participants through poses designed to enhance the letting go of toxins and of negative thoughts.  The yoga will support the fasting process and help you maintain energy as you progress with your fast. Props will be available to make the poses accessible to all. Beginners welcome!

Rooms in the north wing of the Clare Hall residence look out on nature trails with forest and river walks. We have a cosy common room for yoga.   Come walk the labryrinth with us. Leave happy, healthy & motivated to carry on with your healthy lifestyle at home.

Retreat Location:
Brescia University College Clare Hall, London ON

August 14-18 2019
416 505-3764

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