Julius Intensives - R-Factoring Workshops

2 and 3 Full-Day Programs

Kasey and Brad Wallis give you two incredible healing programs.

Julius Intensives - R-Factoring Workshops Kasey and Brad Wallis from Expand With Julius and Ghosts of The Caribbean open their home to you with two monthly available retreats. Julius Intensives gives you 2 days with Julius to focus on intensifying and deepening your knowledge and ability on a topic of your choice. Popular topics are manifestation, creative flow and aligning with your soul. R-Factoring© Workshops are a series of workshops for healing or becoming a certified practitioner. R-Factoring© is a program for you to change who you are through your Matrix Thought Grid.

Looking for a way to take a deeper dive into an aspect of your spiritual journey? Are you desiring to see a more immediate impact in your life? Then consider attending a Julius Intensive weekend. All intensive topics include a labyrinth walk and outdoor meditation location. Meals and lodging included at Wind Chime Farms. $595 per person up to 2 people.   Manifestation, Creative Flow and Aligning With Your Soul are the most popular topics for Julius Intensives. We can, however, tailor the program to what you want to work on with Julius.

We all have created a Matrix Thought Grid. It has enveloped our minds and bodies, energetically forcing an imprint of our perspective of fear into our incoming thoughts. This then becomes actualized within our bodies and therefore projects out our energy bandwidths to manifest our realities. This program will redesign your Matrix Thought Grid. Choosing to create a grid embedded with the higher healing energy of love will stabilize your thoughts and therefore actualize a new body and life for you.   For those wanting to receive the R-Factoring© healing process. This 3-day workshop introduces you to the R-Factoring© program and gives you some of its healing benefits. Each day has two lectures, a meditation and an application. You will be guided in the process of change. Each day involves applications and meditations using various elements and locations. This workshop is not required to take before the Level I Certification workshop.

Retreat Location:
Wind Chime Farms in Central, Utah

All seasons
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