Kurorte Health and Wellness Intensive

3 Nights, 4 Days : If Not Now, When?

Private Retreats offered July thru Feb: Detox, Jump-Start your Metabolism through a tailored made program to fit your Life Style.

Kurorte Health and Wellness Intensive Laurie Pettigrew with Kurorte's team will share their knowledge and their unique approach to wellness, weight-loss and well-being. Connect to your body and inner self through private sessions with Laurie Pettigrew and the Kurorte Team in creating your personalized "In your Body LifeStyle Plan”. During your stay, you will find a deeper peace and space within yourself, detox, lose weight, and tone your body through an array of private healing and fitness modalities,

Your menu of delicious Farm to Table Cuisine is selected by both our chef and our nutrition specialists. You will learn how each dish, and its ingredients effect your metabolism and keeps it running optimally. Throughout the day, we will serve alkalizing drinks, and California Hot Springs alkalizing 8.8 pH spring water. You will eat, enjoy, lose weight...and your skin will glow!   The exercise program is a full body approach to fitness and well-being designed to rejuvenate, create inner peace, kick-up your metabolism, build strength, and tone your body.

Private aquatic exercise sessions in the detoxifying hot springs mineral waters. These sessions address every muscle in your body and support your cardio vascular system. After your session, float, soak and relax in the bubbling hot springs tubs.   Hike and walk into a private Giant Sequoia Grove. Experience this magical forest and learn how nature connection is essential to optimal health and well-being.

Retreat Location:
California Hot Springs, California

July 2019 thru Feb 2020

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