Liberating the Mind and Heart

A Group Silent Meditation Retreat Cultivating Compassion and Joy September 17-23, 2018

Liberating the Mind and Heart LOVING KINDNESS is a profound quality of friendliness toward all of life. Compassion is a deep commitment to non-harming. Joy highlights the blessings. Equanimity supports a balanced mind. This ancient Buddhist practice uproots tendencies toward ill will, harming, competitive discontent, and craving. It is a meditation practice of happiness that heals the heart, meets the pains of life with sensitivity, and strengthens the inner serenity that is essential for concentration. There will be alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation, teachings, and consultations with the teacher. Both beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.

This retreat will be held at Redwood Glen, a lovely California retreat center nestled in a redwood forest, 15-minutes drive from Pescadero State Beach, and 1-hour drive from either the San Francisco Airport or the San Jose airport. Accommodations are in comfortable single or double hotel-style rooms with in-suite bathrooms.   SHAILA CATHERINE has led meditation retreats worldwide since 1996. She authored two books on deep concentration (jhana) and insight meditation (vipassana). Shaila is personally dedicated to meditation practice, accumulating nine years in silent retreats. She is founder of Insight Meditation South Bay ( a Buddhist meditation center in Silicon Valley, and Bodhi Courses ( where she offers two online courses each year on topics related to concentration and insight meditation.


Retreat Location:
Redwood Glenn Retreat Center, Loma Mar, CA

September 17-23 2018
(404) 660-5674

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