Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus

98 acres, serene setting, housing and meeting accommodations

Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus Loyola's Retreat and Ecology Campus rests on 98 acres of prairies, savannas, woodlands, and ponds, while providing a peaceful setting which allows groups to connect spiritually, intellectually, and through nature. Open year-round, the facility offers hotel style suites and traditional residence hall housing options, a variety of meeting spaces, on premise catering and dining hall, audio/visual services, and an exciting interactive challenge course that is available for groups of 12-100+. Whether you are looking for a destination for a day meeting, overnight retreat, or team building experience look no further than Loyola's Retreat and Ecology Campus.

The Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC), Challenge Course Program offers adventure education at its very best. Our staff works with each group to custom design experiences that fulfill learning outcomes identified by group leaders and incorporate the interests of group members. Groups are presented with problem solving initiatives and led through low and high ropes elements that are constructed of wood, metal, cables and ropes and arranged in a progression that increases in challenge and complexity. Facilitators guide participants, provide skill development tools and feedback and encourage self-reflection, resulting in opportunities for participants to transfer their learning into their everyday lives. The LUREC campus offers abundant open green space, forested areas and our newly built (2011) low and high ropes elements, a rock-climbing tower, zip line, jump poles, etc. In short, LUREC offers one of the most extensive and exciting challenge courses in the region and a campus that is welcoming, modern and unique within the Chicago area.   Welcome to 100 acres of prairies, savannas, woodlands, wetlands, and ponds- otherwise known as Loyola University Chicago\'s Retreat and Ecology Campus. Located in beautiful Woodstock, Ill., our retreat facility welcomes guests to visit our ecologically friendly campus and experience the great outdoors through a multitude of interactive team building activities. The Retreat and Ecology Campus provides a serene setting for overnight conferences, retreats, workshops, classes, and special events, while allowing individuals to connect intellectually, spritually, and through nature. The mission of the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus is twofold: 1.To serve as a place for spiritual and intellectual growth through retreats and adventure programs 2.To serve as a campus for study and research of the environment and ecological sustainability. We have a fundamental guiding principle of conservation on our campus by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Loyola is committed to restoring and maintaining the biodiversity of our campus and invites you to join in our mission of sustainability, conservation, and restoration during your stay with us.

Retreat Location:
Woodstock, Illiniois

Open all Year
815 338-1032

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