Maple Ki Forest - Spirit Waters Retreat

Providing Truly Magical and Unforgettable Retreat Experiences Since 1986.

Misty lake sunrises. Still waters. Yoga. Nourishing cuisine. Woodland trails. Kindred spirits. Spectacular sunsets. Replenishing rest.

Maple Ki Forest - Spirit Waters Retreat Secluded and blissfully quiet, this sanctuary - haven is nestled among the towering pines and maple trees on the shores of a pristine lake and river with rapids. “Maple Ki is immediately enchanting ..... instilling a sense of peace, balance and harmony to all it welcomes.” Relax and rejuvenate within the cozy comfort of our retreat-home surrounded by the restorative power of nature. Promote balance and healing with Ki Wellness Holistic Treatments : Soothe, replenish, & revitalize body, mind and spirit. By providing a unique & extraordinary “Get-a-way”, we support your “Coming Home experience” in the most profound sense. “Even a little time spent in this remarkable place makes a difference.”

Several nature trails guide you through the quiet forest; to high granite rocks overlooking the lake, and to spectacular river rapids. Rare and wonderful privacy on a motor-free lake and river, support a nourishing “balm for the soul” experience. Swim, canoe, kayak, hike, nap in the hammock. Reconnect, read & relax.   A perfect way to begin the day. Energize and relax the body. Calm and quiet the mind. Develop inner harmony and peace. Julianna brings over 35 years of personal practice and teaching to the yoga classes. She offers a well balanced full range of asanas as well as pranayama, relaxation and meditation. The classes appeal to yoga enthusiasts with all levels of experience. Beginners are always welcome!

Maple Ki’s chef, Julianna Norrie is well known for inspired cuisine that is creative, delicious, nutritionally balanced and restorative. Each meal is a tastefully presented work of art, a rainbow of colors, and a feast for all the senses. Mindful of the dietary choices, food allergies or sensitivities her guests may have; with care and skill, she prepares meals that will tantalize the most discriminating taste buds.   Inside our retreat-home, you’ll find a breathtaking, expansive view of the lake, river and surrounding forest. Savor the quiet, soothing ambiance. Discover our wide selection of beautiful music and inspirational books. We offer four clean, cozy, light-filled bedrooms and comfortable beds that nurture relaxation and peaceful rest.

Retreat Location:
Tamworth, Ontario

Open All Year
613 379 -2227

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