Meditation, hiking journey in Machu Picchu

Connect deeply to the sacred city of Light through meditation and visiting the temples

Adventures for life in Peru - Dec. 2018

Meditation, hiking journey in Machu Picchu During this journey of 3 night and 4 days you will get time to connect deeply to this sacred place in meditation, exploration, hiking and ruin visits.Join our experienced team. Angel Amita, yoga & meditation teacher, homeopath & healer, has been hosting retreats in Peru since 2014. She has a very strong connection to Machu Picchu. She guides you with love and deep respect for this place. Also meet our amazing local guide who will take you through the history. Experience waterfalls in the jungle, high Andean mountains, Crystal clear hotsprings, guided meditations, yogaclass, short inka trail hike, delicious vegan food, free time and a deep connection to this sacred place. A visit here will stay with you for a long time and is potentially positively life- changing!

Hike up Montana Huyana Picchu - 1 hour and visit the temple of the moon. Join in a meditation and coca leaf prayer with intentions. You may hike Montana Machu Picchu instead. Huyana Picchu hike is available according to season. These hikes are very special and views are undescribeable. Alternatively hike to the Sun Gate and let us take you to the inka bridge. We are really looking forward to sharing with you!   Become part of our growing tribe! Share this journey with likeminded and open people from around the world. Connect deeply with Pacha Mama and join river blessing ceremony, watefalls hike and yoga class! Prices from 388$- 444 $. Deposit 150 $. We will support your journey and take care of the organizing.

Join us for a transformative, beautiful & life- changing experience. Held by our experienced fascilitators, in a loving and safe space, accompanied beautiful music and energy work. "One does not have to be of a specific spiritual belief to use or get the benefits of this medicine. Recognized by native tradition as a “teacher plant” Ayahuasca facilitates holistic healing and self discovery, far beyond the frontiers of any conventional treatment."   Learn how to make a tasty variety of plant milks, vegan cheeses, burgers, sauerkraut, pancakes, vegan bread-spreads, bliss balls and more! We are having fun while we make these yummy and nice items.

Retreat Location:
Machu Picchu, Peru

Dec, 2018

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