Mt. Shasta Clarity Breathwork Healing Retreats

Levels 1 - 4 Healing Retreat and Practitioner Training

Aug 9-30, 2018 Join us for a life changing retreat in the powerful energy field of Mt. Shasta and the healing waters of Stewart Mineral Springs!

Mt. Shasta Clarity Breathwork Healing Retreats These workshops offer a tremendous opportunity for empowerment through daily Clarity Breathwork sessions, inquiry processes, kirtan and sacred music, meditation, dance and creative movement, time in nature, and immersion with a healing community in the amazing energy of Stewart Mineral Springs near sacred Mount Shasta. Designed for both those wanting to deepen their personal healing and those wanting to become Clarity Breathwork practitioners. Level 1: Breath & Transformation: Experience the awesome power of your breath to liberate your true potential. Unravel limiting beliefs, emotional patterns and blocks in the body. The breath supports the experience of deep presence allowing tremendous shifts in consciousness to occur. Level 2: Clarity Breathwork Intensive: Truly life changing! This seven day program accelerates your transformation through exploring the art and science of Clarity Breathwork, deepening your intuition, water sessions, and learning more about transcending old limitations, imprints and decisions in a safe, sacred space. Explore birth & childhood imprints and work with transforming and healing relationship and sexuality for a more empowered, awakened life experience!

Clarity Breathwork offers a deep dive into your healing journey. It supports you to repair early interference to natural bonding and restores more joyful relationships with yourself and others. We nourish ourselves through authentic connection and emerge renewed and transformed. It's a powerful journey of self discovery!   Mt. Shasta is an incredible energy vortex where people have been coming for thousands of years for purification and healing. Transformation is accelerated here by the healing waters and land. We restore ourselves, come home to our Essence,  and return to the world ready to share our gifts.


Retreat Location:
Mt. Shasta, CA

August 10-20, 2017

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