Myths of Feminine Mystery Retreat

…in Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. Join a Women's Circle to Explore the Diverse Faces of Our Feminine Nature.

Sept 26 - Oct 1, 2019. Storytelling, self-exploratory writing and yoga in a women's sacred circle.

Myths of Feminine Mystery Retreat Breathe in the autumn air of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains as we circle in honor of feminine mystery. Reconnect with your sacred inner knowing. Explore the many facets of your feminine nature. During this women’s retreat, we’ll renew our self-trust, explore our depths, honor our expression and validate our embodied intuition. We’ll wake to meditation and yoga, express through writing and movement, and gather for stories around flames. We’ll immerse in the magic and mystery of myths, focusing on the messages and insights they hold for us as women. We’ll heed the call to honor the wisdom we carry within our stories and voices and bodies, and between each other.

What if our yearnings pull in opposite directions? What if our lives move in cycles and seasons? What if we need to get lost and wander? What if integrity means allowing your truth to change and flow with you? What if we run to and away, and still, towards our center? Myths hold a hidden power: they gift us maps, keys, mirrors, legends and paths back to ourselves. They reflect the multitudes within us. They reveal insight into our deepest longings, greatest conflicts and vivid life energies. Myth-teller and astrolo-gist Melanie Champagne and Aimee Hansen, creator of Storyteller Within Retreats, will co-facilitate this unique event.   In the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, and amidst one of the world's most ecologically diverse regions, Seven Springs Holistic Retreat Center boasts seven natural springs on 126 acres of private land, providing spaciousness and inspiration. Seven Springs offers charming shared yurts & furnished glamping with comfortable beds, panoramic mountain views, nature walks and delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian meals amidst soul-nourishing landscapes. The center features an open air yoga pavilion built with local forest cedar that offers panoramic morning views of the Chillhowee mountains.

In this retreat, you will gather with a powerful circle of women in rawness, vulnerability and expression. You will reconnect with your body and intuition through yoga and movement. You will experience the sacred rite of sharing stories between women around flames. You will explore core tensions and themes that carry through our relationships with ourselves, others and our lives. You will discover your truths moment to moment by connecting to your own voice. You will rekindle urges within yourself that are aching to be heard and witnessed. You will reclaim the power in the multitudes that are inherent in feminine nature. You will remember your vastness and the magic that unfolds when women circle together.   This retreat will be open to 10 participants. Surround yourself with atmosphere and beauty. Enjoy the daily guided meditation and yoga. Relax in the warm and welcoming common area with Smoky Mountain vibes. Take a wander through the early autumn mood of the forest. With panoramic views of the Chillhowee mountains, Seven Springs offers stunning hill perches, creekside spots, gorgeous nature walks, and inviting natural attractions close by to explore before or after the retreat.

Retreat Location:
Maryville, Tennessee, USA

Sep 26-Oct 1 2019.
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