Retreat and Eco Village

PachaMama is a powerful gateway to deep and profound, transformative spiritual growth.

PachaMama The ecological, spiritual community of PachaMama is a platform for a profound voyage into healing, self-acceptance and expansion of consciousness. PachaMama is also an intentional and alternative off-grid village where people live their normal lives in harmony with nature. There is no belief system practiced rather, a safe space is created for each fellow traveler to shed old layers, transcend limitations and discover wholeness. The Six Pillars that hold this alternative way of life are Meditation and Awareness, Emotional Healing, Yoga and Physical Rejuvenation, Medicinal Plant and Native Ceremonies, Ecological Living and Mystical Musical Journeys.

The Transformation Cycle takes participants on a five week pilgrimage into their very core, exploring every aspect of body, mind and spirit. It consists of a Body Cleanse, a Yoga workshop, an Emotional Therapy workshop, an Awareness Workshop, sweat lodges, and culminates in a seven day Silent Retreat. Silent Retreats provide a restful environment for the deepest inquiry into the essence of one's being by dissolving into the timeless here and now.   PachaMama's Prana Clinic offers both group and private body cleanse/detox programs which include juice fasting and hydro-colonic irrigation supported by breath sessions, yoga practice, nutrition guidance and meditation. This Cleanse program provides tools for a healthy, balanced and more aware lifestyle, promoting a holistic point of view.

The Emotional Awareness Groups focus on going into the depths of our beings and cleaning out the old emotions and suppressed feelings that we have buried. In this safe space, old emotional wounds are exposed and healed.   The Native Ceremonies and Mystical Musical Journeys schedule is full of colorful and powerful events such as the Dual Dance, Star Dance, Ceremonies and Rock Odysseys. These prayers are an opportunity to re-establish our relations as a community while flowing in harmony with all that life has to offer.

Retreat Location:
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Opoen all year
+506 8825 0661

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