Private, Customized Retreats—Stillwater Journeys

A Unique, One-On-One Opportunity for Personal Growth

Any dates - multi-day retreats any location or setting with expert 25-year counselor, coach and mindfulness instructor.

Private, Customized Retreats—Stillwater Journeys Stillwater Journeys provides an uncommon opportunity to experience a private, customized, multi-day counseling and mindfulness retreat in any location and environment you find inspiring. With decades of mindfulness practice and over 25 years of counseling and coaching experience, David Stringham, MPH, MSW, creates custom retreats in which you have his undivided attention as he expertly guides you through the deep inner work that’s often required to help you break free of old patterns and increase your inner peace.

When skilled counseling and coaching is combined with mindfulness practice at an inspiring location over multiple days, it often provides the clarity and focus needed to view your life challenges from a fresh perspective. While being in an environment that feeds your soul, David helps you find clarity and resolve—whether it’s making needed life changes/decisions, dealing with difficult situations, finding your true purpose, or expanding your inner peace.   Together, you and David choose the location, the accommodations, the duration of your retreat, as well as many of the activities you will do during your time together. For the past 20 years, David has conducted private retreats for individuals, couples and families in a variety of different settings across the U.S. and Canada. These include comfortable country homes, secluded cabins in beautiful natural areas, campsites on remote beaches, backpacking adventures in rugged wilderness areas (David is an expert outdoorsman), and many other locations.

Activities typically include walking together in nature, doing mindfulness practices, talking together to process thoughts and emotions, sharing meals, and otherwise working with whatever arises as a means of self- awareness and discovery. Everything that comes up for you during your time with David becomes “grist for the mill,” a mechanism to help you get to the core of your deepest issues and then work though these as a means to experience more contentment in your life.   If a private counseling and mindfulness retreat is something you are interested in exploring, you are encouraged to be in contact with David to set up an initial no-cost phone consultation. Together you will talk about your needs, David’s counseling and coaching approach, and retreat location options that are likely to be the most inspiring and helpful to you. As a prelude to scheduling a retreat, some clients set up one or more phone, Skype or in-person counseling/coaching sessions with David. These can last an hour or longer, and provide an excellent opportunity for him to better know you, understand your struggles, and provide you with some initial coping skills. This can be a valuable start to doing the deep inner work that your intensive retreat will help facilitate.

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