Quantum Retreats in Ecuador

For Spiritual Growth and Positive, Permanent Life Changes

Ancient Wisdom, NLP, Universal Laws and Quantum Physics are Merged to Create a Powerful Retreat Experience.

Quantum Retreats in Ecuador Learn our unique processes called Quantum Life Changes to create the life you have always dreamed of but never achieved. We focus not only on spirituality, but on every area of a person\'s life. Whether you are looking to gain more peace and joy, improve your finances, discover the power within to accomplish whatever you desire, learn to meditate and quiet your mind or to apply universal laws to create a flow of abundance in all areas of life, you will find it here. Check our website for more information, photos and videos.

Cardell and Linn make Quantum Physics accessible to the average person. In their words, “Quantum Physics teaches us that we are all connected and vibrating energy on a cellular level. Our world is like a mirror; everything we think and feel is reflected back to us in our lives. Our processes can teach you to redirect your thoughts and emotions to attract more of what you want.”   Classes are held in their villa and in various places in the botanical gardens. Cardell and Linn believe spending time in nature to learn and practice creates a deeper wisdom in applying the processes, which are so simple even a child can use them successfully. There is a pool and Jacuzzi, so bring your swim suit if you want to take a dip.

We teach you to live in the NOW, without doubt, fear or anxiety, stop the constant chatter of your mind, attract abundance, connect with your divine Inner Being and Source Energy, dissolve negative emotions, create positive ones. You will learn to live every day in peace, joy and abundance in all areas of your life.   This retreat offers something for everyone. We work with individuals, couples, friends, business associates and families. We are a gay friendly retreat. Our small, private retreats allow more one-on-one time with your coaches to help you internalize the skills and learn them like the back of your hand.

Retreat Location:
Pakakuna Botanical Gardens, Ecuador

All seasons
949 208-1254

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