Real Happiness Is Waiting for You

Insight Meditation Retreat

Aug 10-25, 2018. Also Sept 14-29. This 15-Day Basic Course is an introductory retreat for beginning meditators or meditators who are new to this style of Vipassana.

Real Happiness Is Waiting for You The basic meditation course gives students a complete introduction to insight meditation and the Buddha's teachings for lay people. The retreat will take place at the Buddhavipassana Meditation Centre near Christie Street and St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto. Rooms are shared two people of the same gender to a room each with his/her own bed for sleeping. The centre also has a meditation room, an eating area and a kitchenette for snacks.

Students who have completed the basic meditation course in this style of insight meditation may undertake 10-day retreats. Having overcome the hindrances in the basic course, students doing a 10-day retreat have the opportunity for deeper reflection.   Once per year an affiliated group organized in Germany leads a 2-week pilgrimage to India and Nepal. This pilgirmage is only open to students who have completed the basic course in this style of insight meditation.


Retreat Location:
Toronto, Ontario

Aug 10-25, and Sept 14-29 2o018
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