Rolling Meadows Retreat

Yoga, meditation, breath work, restorative postures organic vegetarian meals. Quiet 100 acre country sanctuary.

Rolling Meadows Retreat Rolling Meadows, a 100 acre yoga retreat center overlooking the hills of coastal Maine, provides a rural, pastoral setting for personal and spiritual renewal supported by the practices of yoga and meditation. Scheduled silent yoga and meditation retreats for up to 10 participants are offered throughout the year. The practices of meditation, classical hatha yoga, yin and restorative yoga, pranayama, and self inquiry create the flow of the day with personal time between sessions for enjoying the natural world and walking the extensive trails that weave thru out the property. The form of the retreats provides a supportive environment, allowing you to begin or deepen practices, to shed light on habituated patterns of behavior, to take personal time for digesting life experience and to recognize the ease and peace of our true nature.

Transformation retreat in tranquil setting amidst organic olive trees and vineyards in 800 year old villa in rural Tuscany   USA Today, and Travel and have called Rolling Meadows Retreat one of the top ten places to take a yoga retreat.

During a silent yoga and meditation retreat, the habit of looking outside ourselves for fulfillment shifts to sensing ourselves from within. This shift of attention is the beginning of noticing the space in which all thought arises. We come to realize that our deeper intelligence is often overlooked as a result of the habit of being lost in thought rather than being present the moment.   In this openness, a freedom is revealed that is available at any time. A retreat held in silence supports this unfolding from which we can go back into our lives rested and renewed with greater wisdom, compassion and clarity about what truly gives our life sustenance and meaning.

Retreat Location:
Brooks. Maine

All Seasons

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