Sacred Expression Women’s Retreat at Lake Atitlan

Join a Women's Circle for a Soulful Adventure to Reconnect With Your Voice.

Jan 3-11, Aug 1-10, 2020 Lonely Planet recommended women's sacred circle with writing and yoga.

Sacred Expression Women’s Retreat at Lake Atitlan Enjoy yoga and meditation in an open-air shala that gazes over volcanoes and Lake Atitlan - at The Yoga Forest or Villa Sumaya - in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala. Gather in sacred circle for intimate expression and sharing with other brave and beautiful women. Indulge in delicious vegetarian food. Fall asleep to the rhythms and sounds of nature. Join night ceremony by candlelight. This retreat is not about "writing" as an art form. We ourselves are the art form, and writing is our channel for vulnerability, insight and revelation. Every woman has a voice in her own life - we are gathering together to raise it up and own our self-expression.

In our women's circle, we raise inner journey themes and work through them with dynamic, reflective, and creative self-exploratory writing exercises. The circle provides a loving and encouraging space to free your inner voices, speak your experience, enliven your possibilities, and connect more deeply within and with each other. The alchemy is in the sharing and living of our truths. Beyond words, we gather in ceremony and mystery.   In rural Guatemalan highlands, The Yoga Forest and Villa Sumaya overlook Lake Atitlan and three majestic volcanoes. The Yoga Forest offers beautiful cabins, expansive views, eco-friendly living, and Mayan sauna in lush forest surroundings for the adventurous of heart. With a gorgeous lakeside spot in a secluded cove, Villa Sumaya offers an eco-chic sanctuary with beautiful rooms, panoramic views, and on-site spa to renew body and spirit


Retreat Location:
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Jan 3-11, Aug 1-10, 2020
815 694 0332

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