Sedona Sacred Journeys

Customized Spiritual Retreats and Healing Vortex Experiences

We create customized retreats for clients from a half-day to a week.

Sedona Sacred Journeys Here at Sedona Sacred Journeys our mission is to create an environment where clients can "hear" a spiritual principle at a deeper level, at an insight level. We help clients to cross over from an intellectual spirituality to a "knowing." What would be an example of a spiritual principle: That our thoughts create our reality moment-to-moment!We do this with a combination of highly intuitive office sessions and powerful vortex experiences. All retreats are guided by the predilections of Spirit--Spirit always sees what clients need! Retreats will usually include one to three healing vortex experiences. Our areas of specialty: Forgiveness Retreats, Reconnecting With Your Wisdom Retreats Getting Unstuck Retreats, Couples Retreats, Letting Go Retreats, Discovering Your Mission Retreats, Cancer Survivor and Patient Retreats.Financial Prosperity Retreats. Finding Your Bliss Retreats

Retreat Location:
Sedona, Arizona

Open All Year
928 274 2427

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