Sedona Yoga Retreat. Red Rocks Hiking, Meditation

Experience the powerful Sedona energy vortexes, meditation, hiking and yoga retreat

Nov 5-8, 2020 - Yoga retreat with hiking to powerful healing red rocks and energy vortexes. All levels welcome.

Sedona Yoga Retreat. Red Rocks Hiking, Meditation Draw on Sedona's powerful spiritual vortex energy and get in touch with nature and your higher self at our rejuvenating yoga, meditation and hiking retreat in stunning Sedona, surrounded by world-famous healing red rocks and powerful energy vortexes. We'll be staying at a comfortable and charming boutique lodging in Sedona, Arizona, nestled on a gorgeous hillside with panoramic views of Sedona's red rocks, and plenty of places to unwind and enjoy the views, from your patio, in the lush gardens, relaxing in a hammock or by the salt-water pool and jacuzzi.

The morning yoga classes will be mostly vinyasa flow yoga for all levels, linking movement with the breath for an energizing yet relaxing flow. With creative and balanced sequences, strengthening and lengthening, detoxing and pranayama, you will experience a strong, safe and supportive practice. Modifications and options will be provided for different abilities. You'll have the opportunity to play with some backbends, arm balances, and inversions if you choose, and cool down with some deep stretches to restore the body and mind. The evening classes will be yin yoga, with longer held seated and supine postures, stretching, lengthening, releasing tension and creating more space in deeper layers of connective tissues in the body. Yin yoga is also a perfect opportunity to journey inwards and practice meditation.   Sally is an inspiring teacher and healer, sharing with others the practices that have helped her to heal her own body and discover a path of transformation and greater self awareness. Growing up in Scotland, Sally has been an athlete since childhood, always loving movement and fascinated by the human body, the power of the mind and the greater Universe. She is grateful to have the opportunity to inspire others to live a healthier and happier life and awaken to their inner desires and purpose, through the gifts of yoga, meditation, reflection, mindful movement, massage, energy healing and essential oils. She looks forward to meeting you and being a part of your spiritual journey. Click the link below to read more and sign up.

"Sally's retreats are simply the best. Treat yourself to relaxing meditation, all levels yoga, quality, healthy food, and excellent company. I have gone to 2 retreats and found the other participants welcoming and friendly. Sally gets to know each person and gently guides all through her classes and hikes. This is the best gift I give myself every year. Can't wait for 2020!" - Marilee F, Nov 2019   "Loved Sally's yoga classes! This was my second retreat with Sally. I really like her retreats because it includes not only yoga, but also meditation, outdoor activities, trail walkings, and evening chats with new and old friends :) I came home well-rested, energetic, and positive. Thank you, Sally!!!" - Aida R, Nov 2019

Retreat Location:
Sedona, Arizona

Nov 5-8, 2020
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