Spirit and Nature Quest: Discover Ancient Wisdom

Spirit and Nature Quest Discovering Ancient Wisdom in Neolithic Orkney, Scotland

May 21-28, 2020. Enjoying Outlander? Take Your Own Journey Through Time to Scotland on a Spiritual Quest.

Spirit and Nature Quest: Discover Ancient Wisdom Featured in National Geographic, Orkney was an important religious and cultural center and a spiritual pilgrimage destination. The home of an advanced civilization going back to 3200 B.C… The archipelago abounds with ancient sites on several islands, and since it is newly “discovered” you can visit these sites without crowds. Visit: Skara Brae, Maes Howe, The Ring of Brodgar, The Stonnes of Stennes, and more…. This is the 10th year running this life changing Quest to this amazing location .The Orkney archepelago is called the “Egypt of the North” as covered in National Geographic. It is the land of my ancient ancestors the Picts - the indigenous people of Scotland. Transform Your Life through a deeply profound inner and outer spiritual program that includes shamanic, mystical, and soul healing practices including a past life journey.THIS Quest IS FOR YOU IF: 1. You Are Ready to See Some of the Most Ancient Sites in the World & Experience them Up Close & Personal without crowds; 2. You are a Nature Lover & You are Seeking to Connect More Deeply with Nature & You can complete mild to moderate hikes; and, 3. You are ready to participate in profound spiritual practices that will benefit your life.

Orkney is an archipelago of islands just north of the Scottish mainland (just a 1 hour flight from Edinburgh Scotland), or a short beautiful ferry ride from- Scotland’s northern tip. Orkney offers fantastic wildlife, rugged cliffs, and charming towns. Walk to scenic Vistas, Participate in a powerful spiritual program, experience ancient times, Enjoy the company of a small group of like minded travelers, Enjoy world class performers at the International Orkney Music Festival taking place during the May Quest. The intention of the Nature Quest is to provide participants with a deeply empowering inner and outer journey leading to renewal and transformation. In this land that time forgot, we will access a place of immense clarity and ancient wisdom. Participants will benefit from innovative and powerful practices that will support empowering visions while clearing away limiting emotional and mental clutter.   In this land that time forgot, you will access a place of immense clarity and ancient wisdom. Participate in sacred ceremonies and practices that have roots to ancient Celtic knowledge and wisdom. Beneift from 25 hours of a spiritual program that has deeply benefitted hundreds of people including; ceremonies, shamanic journeys, mystical connection to nature, moderate hikes to observe wildlife, and more. Discover powerful practices to support a new vision for your life, while clearing away limiting emotional and mental clutter. You will commune with the powerful energy of the land and connect with the wisdom of this timeless realm. Tap into your spiritual truth and gain remarkable insight about yourself via a one of a kind Ancient Celtic Trilogy Reading only offered by Catriona and based on ancient traditions going back thousands of years.

Retreat Location:
Orkney Islands, Scotland

May 21-28, 2020
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