The Enlightened Journey - Mt. Shasta, CA

An Intensive of Self Discovery

Sept 17-20, 2018. Waking up to truth, letting go of limiting beliefs, and becoming the best version of you.

The Enlightened Journey - Mt. Shasta, CA The Enlightened Journey is an inward journey of self-discovery and is a beautiful process of remembering, releasing, rewiring and integrating woven together with quiet contemplation and practice.  This 3.5 day full immersion retreat includes a schedule of talks, activations, meditations, practices, energetic infusions, transformational techniques, and time in awe-inspiring environment to help you integrate and embrace the teachings. The goal of the retreat is to release that which is binding you to loneliness, emptiness, numbness, and pain and to awaken you to remember your true self beyond the social persona that has been trapping you. It is remembering who you are, release what isn’t serving you, and incorporate a sense of wholeness, peace and lightness without trauma, pain, guilt or shame. It’s like coming home after being lost for many years…only you are coming home to yourself...the real you. You are such a magnificent being and you deserve the love and beauty and joy that life has to offer you! You deserve to know your true self, to walk in freedom and remember your magnificence. You deserve to stand in your own power, fully integrated and whole, knowing you are without fear and walking through your life whole and centered in your heart. Retreat investment: $1400 (reduced rates may apply when registering early. See for more details.)

Topics include understanding who you really are, (your soul, your different bodies), how to clear and quiet your mind, meeting your inner child and your guides, understanding and working with your shadows, manifestation, living your life in an authentic unity heart-centered consciousness way.   This retreat incorporates classroom  sessions at Mt. Shasta Resort, excursions to Mt. Shasta, Panther meadows, Mt. Shasta pyramid, and more! We will have meditations, journaling and psychic practices in some of these sacred places.


Retreat Location:
Mt. Shasta, CA

September 17-20, 2018

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