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Grief, depression, anxiety, men's mental health, eating disorders, stress management, domestic violence and self-esteem.

Travel for Self-Growth Discover Strengthen Heal offers unique global travel experiences with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. Our trips are specially designed by mental health professionals and cover a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, domestic violence, eating disorders, grief and men's mental health. Immersed in stunning natural locations around the world, our trips offer a variety of different activities including hiking, meditation, yoga, water sports, food and nutrition workshops, counselling and cultural experiences. Discover Strengthen Heal trips are the perfect option for those looking for the inspiration and motivation they need to change their life for the better.

Our trips take place in beautiful parts of the world such as South Korea, the Republic of Georgia, India, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Jordan, Nepal, the Philippines and Mongolia. Our trip locations are immersed in the peace and calm of nature, and provide beautiful settings in which participants can truly disconnect.   Discover Strengthen Heal isn't just another retreat, we offer a unique style of wellbeing travel that is unlike anything else out there. Our trips take you off the beaten track and into some truly remarkable parts of the world. We have strong ties to the local communities, which gives our trip participants the chance to immerse themselves in authentic local culture, and our team provide practical information and tools that can help participants maintain a strong sense of wellbeing long after the trip is over.

The trips we have on offer vary to suit almost every taste. Whether you prefer camping under the stars or lapping up the luxury of a high quality resort, we've got something to suit everyone. The activities on offer during our trips range from relaxation activities such as journalling, meditation and yoga, to hiking, biking, water sports and more.   Our commitment to professional services is the Discover Strengthen Heal difference. Our team are qualified health and nutrition, and mental health professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each and every trip. Each trip incorporates group and one-on-one workshops to help participants realise their full potential and achieve their long term goals.

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