Tune Into Your Life. Awaken to Your Inner Strength

Feel Different. Think Different. Do Different.

August 23-27, 2019. A Total Self-Immersion Experience in the Nature Surrounded Ecolology Retreat Centre.

Tune Into Your Life. Awaken to Your Inner Strength What's in it for me? Why should I do this? I believe the world needs more Enlightened human beings like yourself; and because the benefits of doing a retreat like this far outweigh the risks. With this Self Investment, you will reap the benefits of gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, life and others; feel empowered to live a more authentic life and take more risks; feel a sense of relief and lightness from shedding away the heaviness of a multi-layered mind you've been carrying around; feel more connected to others and your Self by learning how to express yourself more clearly and effectively and by learning how to listen more effectively; connect or reconnect to Nature; work with Caring, Nurturing and Knowledgeable Staff to support your journey; and discover how to, "Stop And Smell The Roses".

Transformation can take place anywhere and at any given time. However, it is most likely to occur in a warm, comfortable, nurturing, supportive, natural and quiet environment. This is what the Ecology Retreat Centre offers. I have been attending retreats here for more than 20 years, and I have never been disappointed. It is my absolute pleasure and honour to be returning to this very special place for this very special Retreat.   Merryl Chopra, M.A. CCC has a Master's Degree in psychology which she obtained 20 years ago. Alongside her pursuits in psychology, Merryl studied Religion, Philosophy, Meditation, and Self-Inquiry. It was Self-Inquiry that answered all of her burning questions; and so it became her Love and Passion. She has dedicated the past 27 years of her life to the work, investing in personal and professional learning, supporting individual clients with Clearing the mind and with Emotional Trauma Release, and supporting clients in larger groups and retreat settings. Merryl is also an author having recently published her first book, entitled: Daughter's of Single Parent Families. Merryl is excited to be bring this amazing Enlightenment Intensive Retreat experience to you. These retreats have changed her life in the most positive of ways and wishes the same for you.

Retreat Location:
Orangeville, Ontario

August 23-27, 2019

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