Ultra Cleanse Detox and Wellness Program

Full Detox-cleanse Program Minimum 3 Days

The Ultra Cleanse is a comprehensive detox and wellness program at our resort in Phuket, Thailand.

Ultra Cleanse Detox and Wellness Program Based on proven results through 50 years of performance, Dr. Bernard Jensen’s amazing regimen for total cleansing of the body is truly a life changing experience. Our “Ultra Cleanse” program is the most effective de-tox program you will encounter. For optimum results It requires a 7 day commitment to rid your body of years of waste and other toxic matter. Many people lose up to 8 kilograms during this period. Although that is not the main focus it is a welcome side benefit. The primary purpose is to cleanse your body to regain your innate health and allow your system to function as it was designed; to naturally heal itself with an improved and enhanced immune system. As your body becomes cleansed, your mind becomes clearer. You cannot help but recognize and appreciate the changes in your body, mind and spirit during the program. We support our clients fully during their stay with a qualified and gentle Thai and Western very experienced staff . You will have a private room to detoxify as well as your normal room accommodations. The setting is perfect; located on the ocean in quiet surroundings. The daily regime includes gentle exercise or Yoga, meditation, massage and Thai herbal steam. Additionally 2 Colema type enemas are administered and a rigorous schedule of herbs and cleansing drinks are ingested. The Atmanjai “Ultra Cleanse” program is a fantastic way to arrest the damage caused by stress and bad eating habits and a fast path to recovery and healing and a more enjoyable successful life.

Retreat Location:
Phuket, Thailand

All Seasons

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