Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Adventure

Nov 7-10 2019. Join Diane Cline, RYT for: kundalini yoga, meditation, sound healing, Reiki, sacred ceremony, nurturing and FUN on the 3 day retreat!

Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Adventure This amazing 3 day journey includes: yoga, meditation, sound healing , sacred ceremony, relaxation, laughter, nurturing, joy and a new perspective. Diane Cline, Healer & Medicine woman, has over 21 years experience with metaphysical realm and has taught over 7,000 people. This retreat offers a sacred space to learn: meditation, to stay conscious, how to co-create your life , learn to love & nurture yourself and Womens teachings. I promise you will receive life saving techniques to take with you to prepare you for any of life's challenges and handle them with ease and grace. A very balanced schedule with 3 classes a day, gourmet meals, and 3 hours of free time each day ........"20 years from now you won't remember the things you did do, only the ones you did not"...........come nurture & empower yourself ! You can also join me in Hawaii in March and Bali in May. 3 days, 3 nights $1,180 for shared Or $1,480 for private room

“Diane’s retreat healed my heart , saved my life and changed my body “ quote from S.C , Hawaii. Our retreats are diverse, they offer: yoga, Sound healing , sacred ancient teachings , connection to Mother Earth and meditations. We often have mothers & daughters together on our retreats & welcome families!   “I went thinking I would have a healthy weekend & meet nice people. The retreat classes were life changing and I met lifelong friends “! By N.D, Washington. This will be the most powerful , uplifting 3 days of your life !


Retreat Location:
Scottsdale , AZ

November 7-10 2019

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