Your Custom Transformational Experience

We tailor your experience to your personality, goals, and aspirations, and get you where you want to be, in record time

Anxiety – Depression – Marital problems: GONE! Remove your self-limiting beliefs and unlock your potential

Your Custom Transformational Experience Developed by Jean-Paul Gravel, ThroughConversation is a unique coaching system that will quickly and dramatically elevate your experience of life. With this method, people suffering from anxiety and depression re-discover their happiness and peace of mind and couples heading for divorce fall in love again, even where other approaches have failed them. Through a customized, one-on-one approach, ThroughConversation programs are changing lives around the world. With insightful coaching and training techniques, our programs are fully customized around clients personality traits, wants, and needs.

“The happiness, the contentment, the satisfaction that I feel inside... It's indescribable” –Harold, MD. "You feel joyful. Not afraid. You feel like you can do anything." –Jodi, Yoga Teacher. "You become more excited and enthusiastic about life." –Jon, Retired CEO. "I came in to ThroughConversation thinking I was going to get a divorce... And... I am in love!" –Jen. Mom. "It's a program beyond programs. One of the best things I've ever done" –Robert, CEO   ThroughConversation works by strategically dissolving mental and emotional blocks in the conscious and subconscious mind that prevent you from living to your full potential. The process leads you through a sequence of experiential conversational sessions and custom-tailored exercises in order to create real, positive changes in your brain patterns that translate into lasting transformations in all areas of life.

Jean-Paul and Olga are a highly effective personal development team specializing in emotional health, relationships, and performance training. Their clients range from actors to business executives, and all of them share one trait - a commitment to their health and personal growth.   Over 30 video testimonials, given to us by - medical doctors - CEOs - entrepreneurs - moms - dads - People as young as 19 and as old as 70. Accomplished individuals sharing their real-life experiences with our program so that you can know what is available to you, and your family.

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